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Thursday, May 7, 2009

'Shout Our Oaths in the Tyrant's Face' - Washington, DC -- June 13, 2009

Join the Oath Keepers on the Mall in Washington, DC on June 13, 2009 as they join Gathering of Eagles and Pro Troop Events for a "Muster on the Mall".

As the storm clouds continue to build across our country, take one day from your busy schedule and renew your oath to protect and defend the Constitution from ALL enemies, foreign and domestic.

You and your fellow Americans, military and civilians alike, will demonstrate by joining us in Washington your resolve to do whatever it takes to return this country to its heritage as a limited-government republic.

Stand with us, and tell your public servants that you will not only disobey, but actively oppose all of the Ten Orders We Will Not Obey.

Show the statists of both parties and every government agency that you have the courage to stand up in public and tell them each:


As Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes says:

With the latest DHS smear document, the Domestic Extremism Lexicon, labelling "constitutionalists" and "patriots" as extremists (which means the same thing as "terrorists"), it is clear that if you dare to support the Constitution, and dare to quote the founding fathers of this nation, and take the Constitution seriously, then you will be considered an "extremist" and a threat to the powers that be among the political elite.

This is the tactic used by all governments that turn oppressive: use vague, broad brushed labeling of people as "enemies of the state" to marginalize them and increase the artificial divide between the people and the police and military, and then use that labeling and marginalization to make people afraid to speak up, to chill their speech, and silence them out of fear of being singled out for persecution. The DHS reports are such broad smears that they basically boil down to "anyone who doesn't agree with us is a potential terrorist."

The final stage of persecution is to actually apply all the powers of the state against anyone who does dare to speak out, arresting them on trumped up charges of terrorism, for example. We are still in the smear and marginalization stage, and are also beginning the chilling of speech stage, but we can see where this is headed.

But as these veterans point out in their Oath Keepers videos, the DHS smears of veterans, constitutionalists and patriots is backfiring just as badly as Obama's suggestion that disabled and injured veterans pay for their own medical care. Nothing is waking up the people, and especially the veterans, like these leaked government "reports."

This is not Germany, the USSR, or communist China.

This is America, and attempts to chill our speech and marginalize us only make us stronger and more resolved to speak out.

Join us as we shout our Oaths in the tyrant's face, publicly defying this man and his ilk, each of whom wants you cowering and terrified as they execute their masters' commands:

See you on the Mall.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope someone beats the Long Roll on the Muster Drum.....................'they' need to hear it!

May 8, 2009 at 10:26 AM  

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