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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Beck: Government ID Finally Comes To The Point

In the U.K.:

"HM Revenue and Customs staff will be able to examine people's financial transactions on the scheme's database and search for evidence of undeclared earnings or bank accounts.

The disclosure will likely to provoke further concern over the £5.5 billion project, which has been condemned as a waste of money and an invasion of privacy.

Campaigners have already raised fears the Home Office, police, and security officials would have access to the scheme's database.

The scheme's log records each time an ID card is used to verify a person's identity when they make a high value purchase, open a bank account or take out a mortgage.

Tax officials could use the system to look for cases where large numbers of high value purchases have been recorded, which might indicate that a person earns more than they declare."

As the socialist state progresses, it becomes essential to control all productivity. The initial impulse is the same as any other robber's: to find out what to steal. Productivity is a curious thing, however, in how thoroughly pervasive it is in human affairs. If two kids trade marbles on the school playground, they both come away richer. Politically, it is quite a different matter in grown-up affairs, however, and all trade that takes place beyond the purview of the state must be found for purposes of control.

All other rationales for this are so much transparent bullshit. This is what it's about.

Watch this, and you'll see what Amsoc will finally bring to you by necessity.


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