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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Vandam: 100 Days -- A Marxist Takeover by Leftist Slobs

From New Paltz Journal:

...Obama rounded the curve and sped past the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen in American politics way back in the campaign. All along that campaign way it was clear to me that he made the Clintons and James Carville look like the front porch crowd at Maggie’s Rest Home.

Belong your adult life to the black equivalent of a Klan-based Christian Identity church? No problem. Just pretend you’re shocked when the stuff you’ve been listening to for twenty years goes mainstream and say you never heard it. You only went to the Klan rallies because your uncle ran them, but you certainly never set any of the crosses on fire.

A little lying is a part of political life in America. The Clintons saw that normative political lying and raised it a house of lies. Obama has pushed reality itself into the pot, along with the United States of America. Does he have any cards?

Of course not. For starters, this administration doesn’t even qualify as a television reality show. It doesn’t have the bona fides for that. This is a make it up as you go along Marxist takeover by Leftist slobs. My guess on boxers or briefs for this administration is: neither...

Read the whole thing, then buckle up.

The cars are still jostling upwards towards the beginning of the fun ride.


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