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Monday, March 16, 2009


Well, people, you were warned.

You were warned that cheap milsurp ammo supplies would dry up.

They have.

You were warned that reloading components would become scarce.

They have.

You were warned that TPTB could divert metals/propellants production because of any number of ‘reasons’, i.e., ‘The War in Iraq’, ‘The War on Terror’, and now the scariest one, ‘Domestic Terrorism’.

They have.

Two days ago, the news broke about the .gov's diktat that starting immediately, ALL once-fired military brass cases must be mutilated before sale and shipped to buyers only as scrap.

Reading it, I do not see where it limits itself to only US brass. Entrepreneurs of remanufactured ammo will be laying off workers and going out of business if they have to buy new cases from the domestic market. If that little gem is not quickly challenged in the courts, I foresee that diktat expanded to include ‘police’ calibers.

Sporting caliber ammunition is already very costly, but consider if you will how many ‘sporting’ calibers are based on a ‘military’ cartridge case. Some military somewhere in this wide world has used the popular calibers at some time. Some police department somewhere in the world has used the handgun calibers.

Do you see the thin edge of the wedge being inserted here?

To disarm you, TPTB don’t have to get into a row over the Second Amendment. You may have all the guns you desire: you just can’t FEED them.

So, what happens if the diktat is extended to include sale/manufacture of anything based on .mil calibers in the civilian market? Nearly everything made is a necked-up or necked-down, shortened or lengthened .mil case! Check it out in ‘Cartridges of the World’.

A stroke of the presidential pen and you are SOL. You can lobby Congress all you like, for the majority won’t listen.

It’s time, people, to look to your priorities.

In other Next Steps articles kindly published in the left margin of this blog, I have urged to investment in reloading components. I have given links to the Cast Boolit forum and urged you to purchase molds, work up cast boolit loads and practice with them ‘just in case’. I hope you did so, for another Next Step from TPTB I foresee is the banning of ammunition home-manufacturing tools, including boolit molds. They will make the case that, for the good of the children and as a curb to domestic violence or (HORRORS!) Domestic Terrorism, it is reasonable to keep these tools out of reach of “redneck terrorist militia types”, and the Constitution be damned.

I think it is also reasonable to assume they well remember that early in WW2 Churchill cried “Give us the tools and we will finish the job!”

Thus, my Last Call.

WHILST YET YE MAY, go NOW and add the molds to the reloading tools for your guns. If you do not, surely someone in your group knows how to use them?
Assuming you have heeded the warnings and stocked reloading components as deeply as your budget allowed, do not neglect to put by the molds you will need to make the projectiles. Start haunting your local tire shops NOW to scavenge used wheel weights, already scarce or disappearing, and in the process of being outlawed as toxic material!

My recommendations would be to obtain the mold producing boolits at the heavy end of your caliber range, for delivering the most energy to the target. You can go to the Cast Boolit forum and find out more than you need to know of ‘how-to’s’.

I won’t go into that here. What I do urge is that you get your mold orders in TODAY.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting my piece.

March 16, 2009 at 5:27 PM  
Anonymous J. Croft said...

We need tooling to turn copper tubing into casings. The technology has been around since about 1850 or so it can't be hard to outfit a progressive reloader with the dies to turn cut sections of the proper diameter copper tubing into a .223 or .308 case. How I don't know but someone who would know should have already started on this.

J. Croft

March 16, 2009 at 6:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Worse than boolits. No primers. Those a hard to make at home.

Just checked Wideners and Natchez.

Primers are pretty much unavailable.

March 16, 2009 at 7:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Howdy there HABCAN. Boolits? Should have known it was you. Good advice in your piece. The laying in of gas checks for the finished bullets is a close second to the getting of wheelweights and molds... right?

HABCAN's advice is spot on. Most likely it comes from the experience of living in a place which has been more aggressive at picking around the edges, control-wise, than is current here in the USA. A prudent person will take action from his advice. Plus lay in gas checks to match the bullets and molds.

Foghorn Leghorn would have a good time with the "bullets v boolits" thing, I won't go there. PF.

March 16, 2009 at 9:43 PM  
Blogger Hollywood said...

Distinct disadvantage of .223 over .30 (even in x39), is there seems to be no molds for such a small diameter round

March 16, 2009 at 10:28 PM  

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