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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Codrea Goes National

From Mindful Musings:

Many in the Gun Rights community already know the name David Codrea. He has been a leading voice in it for quite some time.

From writing columns for GUNS Magazine to his informative War on Guns Blog, his efforts are tireless.

Recently, Codrea took on yet another assignment,writing another column for GunRights Examiner.Com. In the space of a dozen weeks or so, the people there realized just how important his leadership in this community is.

In early January, his GunRights column goes National.

People around the Country are slowly starting to realize the importance such a knowledgeable voice can lend to such an important cause.

I encourage EVERYONE to head on over to his sites every day, read his writings,and congratulate him for this Great News...Great for ALL of us!

This is one Man making a difference. So proof again what we as individuals can still do today.

Thanks, David!


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