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Friday, October 31, 2008

Constitution? Don't Make Me Laugh

Please read this essay by Judge Andrew Napolitano, author of A Nation of Sheep, Constitutional Chaos, and The Constitution in Exile.

As you read Judge Napolitano's article, think about the following:

1) Exactly what keeps the government - at local, state, and Federal levels - from doing whatever it wants to do, especially given

a) the number of Americans directly or indirectly dependent on government money for their daily existence, and

b) the death of adversarial journalism as envisioned by the Founders?

2) In light of the answers to #1, how will an Obama/Pelosi/Reid/SCOTUS government behave towards armed, educated, defiant people who insist that the government Leviathan be defunded, defanged, and defeated?

3) In light of the answers to #2, what are you prepared to do?

You best be ready to play by Chicago rules, boys and girls.

The other side will be.

And this ain't no movie.

Alea iacta est.


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