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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Barr for POTUS 2008

NRA Board Member?


Committed civil libertarian and Constitutionalist?


Opposed to unconstitutional government growth, nanny-statism, and out-of-control spending?


Tax reformer combined with government spending slasher?


Truth-teller about the status quo mentality inside both major parties?


Running for President in 2008?


Okay, folks, can we now cut the bravo-sierra whining about how there's only a choice between two evils?

After reviewing the material above, please go to Congressman Barr's website and learn more about him. If you like what you see, pass on this information. Just as importantly, donate what you can to Congressman Barr's campaign.

And remember: the one certain way to fail, whether in elections or any other aspect of life, is to fail to try.

With Barr now in the race, and the alternate possibility of a write-in vote for Ron Paul in many states, your vote for either the Obamessiah or the McCainiac will necessarily make you a collaborator in the statist hell that will follow either man's assumption of the White House.

Don't do that to yourself, or to your country.

Tempus fugit.


Blogger mike's spot said...

I met congressman Barr at the NRA SAFE convention in September this past year in Long Island New York. Sat right next to him. (I sat in the guest speaker row on accident) friendly man who just seemed all sorts of good. Great speaker and seemed very intelligent.

May 13, 2008 at 4:03 AM  
Blogger Rivrdog said...

Don't forget his aggressive role in the impeachment of Bill Clinton, either.

Yep, strange coincidence, but the same day that McCain crossed the line from a hold-the-nose-and-vote status for me to a mark-him-up-as-a-Socialist status (re: his "greenie" speeches in OR and WA yesterday), then up steps a real conservative of impeccable credential and direction.

Might have been the hand of Providence in that....


May 13, 2008 at 10:31 PM  

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