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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Fabians & You

From the land Down Under some 45 years ago, an excellent recap of the links between the Fabian Socialist movement and the more-familiar Marxist/Leninism.


Read the whole article, and just try not to draw parallels between the objectives of the Fabians, the EU crowd, Hillbama, the "Cool Britannia" NuLabour commissars Blair and Brown, and even - irony of ironies - the former captive of the Communists, John McCain.

Bet you can't do it.

An excerpt:

The great Lord Acton, famous for his observation that all power tends to corrupt, also made the penetrating statement that "Few discoveries are more irritating than those which expose the pedigree of ideas".

The purpose of this study is to trace the pedigree and the development of the ideas which have produced the Fabian Socialist movement as one of the principal contributions to the mounting forces of a world-wide revolution threatening the basic foundations of Western and Christian civilization.

The very suggestion that the Fabian Socialist movement has played a vital role in furthering the Communist advance, still less has had any close connection with Communism, will naturally be regarded with great indignation by all those who have uncritically accepted the widespread view that the Fabians have been a "moderate" influence in politics and economics. And the very fact that the Fabians and other Socialist groups have been attacked by the Marxist-Leninists, is offered as sufficiently convincing evidence that so far from "moderate" Socialists assisting the Communist advance, they are in fact the only real barrier to Communism.

But as one of the famous architects of the British Welfare State, Sir William Beveridge, said, his programme was one of going "half-way to Moscow". Beveridge was a leading Fabian. His description of Socialism is a realistic one; an admission that it is moving in the same direction as the Marxists, only not as fast, and, as many sincere Socialists believe, not as far.

Must Look Beyond Labels
It cannot be stressed too often that those who are going to make an effective contribution to the struggle against the Communist challenge, must always look beyond political labels, propaganda, smokescreens, and mere verbal battles to the reality behind them.

And what is the basic reality shared by all brands of Socialists?

They all believe in the centralisation of power; they all advance the idea that the power of Government should be increased. Some Socialists - and many who call themselves anti-Socialists - genuinely believe, of course, that it is possible to implement a policy of centralised control and centralised planning, and then successfully call a halt at a certain stage. They are like the girl who argued that just a little bit of pregnancy was all right!

Unfortunately history has proved that once policies of centralised control are set in motion, they progressively gain momentum, and that as the momentum grows, the moderates responsible for the initial impetus either have to become more ruthless in order to attempt to deal with the results of the increased momentum, or they are pushed aside by those who have no scruples about being ruthless in the exercising of centralised power.

Every increase in the power of Government is at the expense of the individual, who, as he loses not only power to make decisions for himself, but also loses his sense of personal responsibility, tends to become more and more satisfied to depend upon the State. It is the undermining of the individual's belief in the basic principle of true freedom and the personal responsibility which goes with it, that has had such a deadly "softening up" effect on the peoples of the non-Communist world, and thus seriously lowered their resistance to the Communist challenge.

The Fabian Socialists have not only made a major contribution towards this weakened resistance; they have provided a smokescreen which has hidden the activities of both secret and known Communists. In a secret message sent from London to the Internationale in Geneva in 1870, Karl Marx said that the English would never make their own revolution, and that foreigners would have to make it for them.

But there are not only violent revolutionary activities; there is such a thing as a silent revolution, the undermining of a nation and its institutions from within.

This is what the Fabian Socialists set out to accomplish.

Read the whole thing - please.

Storm's a-brewing, crew......


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