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Friday, January 18, 2008

Living in an Imperial World - Part I

Hat-tip to CB for the link to a terrific essay.

Key grafs:

To live in an imperial world, we must first, as survivors, recognize that it is an imperial world. History is filled with imperial/totalitarian states, as global graveyards are filled with those who were too late in recognizing what had already happened.

It’s over. The faithful and the hopeful may carry the corpse of the American republic, hoping that it can be brought back into normality, into life, and into power. I am afraid these nurturers will not survive the present reality of imperialism.

But some of us will look directly at the ugly, dangerous and very real empire. We will stare – with little hope but also with little fear – into the face of the FUBAR nation, and then roll up our sleeves and get started on the only life we may honestly live, as internal dissidents. We will no longer pledge allegiance, we will not obey old rules, we will make do and make it up as we go along. Our minds focused on surviving the empire, our talents and creativity unleashed against the state and its fantasist faithful, we will live as if we are free.

This simple prescription will not only make us survivors, but it will gradually cultivate a political landscape for a future of free republics where today we see nascent totalitarianism and bankrupt empire. This prescription was written for us in 1809 by revolutionary war general John Stark. He advised, "Live free or die. Death is not the worst of evils."

Too many folks (including this writer) spend 80% of their preparation time on the material aspects, when it is the spiritual and psychological edges that will, if honed properly, deliver the bearer from impossible odds.

Please read the whole thing.


Blogger chris horton said...

Excellent post Cabinboy. That was quite a read, indeed. Thanks.

January 18, 2008 at 11:02 PM  
Blogger Atlas Shrug said...

Indeed, good words to read - even if you don't like reading them.

Kinda fits with my recent view:

"We have left the pathetic and entered the surreal, and that is now the norm."

Keep plugging away...

January 22, 2008 at 12:49 AM  

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