Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rawles: Almost 30 Million Visits

As a reader from the early days of JWR's SurvivalBlog, WRSA is happy to note that they are about pass 30 million unique visitors.

Kudos to Jim and staff, and thanks for all they have done over the years.

PS: Yes, I know about the book offer. Yes, I would have made the same congratulations had the book not been available.


  1. Yeah, right.

    We know that you did it for the book.



  2. The best place to go for how-to and what-for. Awfully syrupy with the Christian thing, and I don't even agree with the share-your-hard-won-food-and-all with those who didn't prepare, and called you paranoid for doing so. I'm a Christian myself, but I have never believed it to be a suicide pact. If you are rich, like Rawles, it sounds easy to do. $395 for a grain grinder? The letters that go on for days and days about how to buy a knife, or care for chickens kind of glaze my eyes over. I still go there most every day, but skip the knife testimonials, and the breathless announcements by people who are OMG! You need to be prepared! We found ourselves on our own, and the govt. was no help at all! The advice is generally very good, the sermons, not so much. I quit going to church a long time ago, because I got fed up with people laying it on me, and then doing whatever they felt like themselves. Rawles also has his retreat stocked, along with some well-heeled friends and their families, and I don't see him sharing much. Just advice.

  3. Certainly some percentage are mere curiosity seekers. But a tremendous percentage of that 30 million is people that are waking up to the realization that we live in a house of cards - and the wind is pickin up!