Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Inexpressibly, Unthinkably Obvious

Fred Reed discusses this book.

Haters, they are.

And heretics to boot.

Burn them at the stake.

Facts burn, don't they?

Oh, and don't read the book before expressing an opinion.

It's the modern way.


  1. I bought the book the other day and listened to Jared Taylor's interview on the Political Cesspool this past weekend. Good stuff.

    Someone said this wasn't about race?
    Until it is, I guess...

  2. A Brass Pole in Bangkok

    Things I aspire to

    ayup.....says it all for me

    He is priceless

    Luke Skywalker

  3. Demographics are destiny. Birds of a feather...

    Even "alleged" to be equal in the eyes of the law is such a radical concept that people will risk all and borrow as much as they can to get here so that they can dig ditches and pick up at construction sites, while dodging ICE.

    The book is likely to be banned real soon now. Too much long-avoided truth and unspeakable questions.


  4. I see more people are waking up. Outstanding.

  5. Read Amren everyday it has a new post. They're right, but few will admit it, or cease the current insanity. One of the Marxist cants is to stir up as much interacial trouble as possible, by pitting them against each other in every way. They have succeeded brilliantly. Importing as many outsiders as possible has been a disaster, for whites. Everyone else, not so much. So, here we go, into the dustbin of history. But G*d forbid, we ever,ever,do or say anything that could be termed racist. Because ANYTHING we do or say is termed racist. Kind of hard to defend your own kind when you're paralyzed. Self-destruction in it's most idiotic form.

  6. I'll buy the book for you if you promise to read it. Then you will have to face what every-non-White considers as obvious as the nose on their face.

    Most Whites just cannot let go of those last presuppositions of Jud├Žo-Liberal Orthodoxy. It is the most thorough of indoctrinations in severity and duration, and is not without penalty to openly disavow.

    Nevertheless, nothing is so liberating as to honestly be free (in mind and spirit) and to openly thirst for truth. And as a reassurance, this last step of throwing off the yoke has never given me one second of anger or bitterness, and my heart is filled with love for Christ, my family, my extended family and all men.

    Everything just makes sense post completing de-programming.


  7. Wow, such blasphemey, and uttered aloud and in broad daylight. Heads would explode where I work if this book were tossed into the echo chamber.

    These lower IQ types tend to react with violence when presented with obstacles, simply because they cannot create solutions fast enough. They revert to the animal base instinct.

    Fred's closing statement about ertermination is prophetic I think. There will be an extermination, due to base, animal rage on one hand or calculated survival on the other. It's citizen vs. barbarian, to borrow a concept I read long ago from Pournelle.

    stock up people.

  8. "He notes the mandatory refrain, 'Diversity is our strength,' and asks, exactly how is it our strength? I have myself wondered."

    If diversity is our strength, unity must be our weakness. ;^)

    In truth, diversity is our problem. We can deal with it through accomodation of "the other" or by his elimination.

    When "the other" becomes too problematic, history teaches us that elimination is usually the preferred method. If unrestricted immigration makes *us* "the other" we have agreed to our own extirpation by choosing accomodation.

    You don't need a road map to see where our present social policies are taking us.


  9. http://www.alternativeright.com/main/the-magazine/the-nietzschean-prophecies/

    "Nietzsche predicted that it would be well into the 21st century before Western thought fully confronted the crisis of nihilism. It would thus far appear that he was correct. Western thought since the Enlightenment has attempted to compensate for the loss of the old faith by replacing the discredited Christian worldview with new faiths and new pieties. As these have become increasingly difficult to justify within a framework of rationality and a belief in inevitable “progress,” Western intellectuals have increasingly retreated into the irrational. This is illustrated by the curious phenomena of the present efforts by Western intellectual elites to embrace postmodernism, with its accompanying moral and cultural relativism, while simultaneously embracing the egalitarian-universalist-humanist moralistic zealotry popularly labeled “political correctness” and espousing with great piousness such liberal crusades as “human rights,” “anti-racism,” “gay liberation,” feminism, environmentalism and the like. Such an outlook, which combines extreme moralism in the cultural and political realm, complete moral relativism in the philosophical or metaphysical realm, and at times even falls into subjectivism in the epistemological realm14, is fundamentally irrational, of course. That such an outlook has become so deeply entrenched indicates that Western intellectuals are desperately working to avoid a full confrontation with the crisis of nihilism.

    Pareto argued that civilizations die when their elites lose faith in their own civilization to such a degree that the will to survive no longer exists. Western political and cultural elites presently exhibit abiding contempt for the legacy of their civilization, as demonstrated by their attachment to anti-Western ideologies such as “multiculturalism” and support for political policies, such as permitting mass immigration into the West from the Third World, that ultimately mean the demographic overrun and death of Western civilization. The presumption of present day elites is that dramatic demographic alteration can transpire without consequences of significance, or that the overthrow of Western civilization itself may even be desirable. The prevalence of such attitudes once again indicates that cultural nihilism has become rather deeply entrenched. Yet this nihilism has been thus far masked by liberal-humanist platitudes of escalating silliness.

    It remains to be seen what will eventually bring this crisis to the forefront. Genuine threats to the survival of Western civilization itself may well force such a confrontation. These might include the threat of nuclear terrorism, economic collapse or ecological catastrophe, the depletion of resources on which civilization has become dependent, or confrontation with an ideological rival that poses an existential threat. As demographic change on a magnitude that threatens cultural dispossession becomes increasingly imminent, and as the consequences of such become increasingly undeniable, perhaps a belated cultural awakening and renewal will begin. Otherwise, it may well the case that Western modernity and postmodernity will eventually suffer the same fate as the classical Greco-Roman civilization of antiquity."

  10. God created all men equal in dignity, in His image and likeness. But "race" isn't a synonym for "culture," and that's the fact people need to come to recognize. Some cultures (grouped examples of human action) are more in accordance with human nature than others. Just a fact.

  11. We tend to group ourselves by race - which in most cases is SYNONYMOUS with culture!

    If I were to find myself in a situation where I was surrounded by idiots (which has happened) I would gravitate to anyone who could hold an intelligent conversation (which ALSO happened) REGARDLESS of their race. This is how I made what was no doubt the best real, true friendship of my life -- with a man who was as opposite me in race as it's possible to be.

    Sorry -- the REAL problem is **CULTURE**! The Enemy knows this - hence the essential prohibition on cultural assimilation and the focus on "heritage" or whatever.

    To phrase it differently, the melting-pot was too successful - hence The Enemy's focus on their preferred "salad bowl."

    Put another way, hence the HYPHEN!

    Our collective, societal stupidity lies not in accepting too many brown-folk, but rather in encouraging the utter destruction of said folk through the welfare-state.

    In today's twisted world, it's POSSIBLE to refuse to assimilate, to eschew education, to be openly and actively oppositional to the dominant culture -- after all, a life of indolent ease is preferable to hard work, ESPECIALLY when it can be justified by playing "The race card"...

    Further, We - the PRODUCERS - are encouraging, enabling and funding the exponential multiplying of the anti-cultural enemy through our cradle-to-grave welfare state.

    End welfare as we know it, close up the "projects", and give everyone the mandate to "root, hog - or die."

    YES! things will be ugly for a while - there will be violence and many will die - but the America that comes out the other side will be far more healthy for it - and most of our problems will disappear within a couple of generations!

    Absent free food, clothing and shelter, none will be able to afford to reject education. Some will -- the worst of the antisocial types -- and they'll quickly find themselves bounced from the gene-pool or having paid the butcher's bill.

    It's time we faced that most everything we've done for decades is WRONG.

    The future will be ugly no matter what -- the question is HOW BAD will it be?

    The answer is simple -- worse for every day we continue to delay it...

  12. Amen, Dad. Amen.

  13. Culture's the problem, not race. Sorry, the premise of this book doesn't fly with me.

  14. Dedicated_Dad,

    Re: Paragraph 10/YES!

    Indeed, but you assume that the rest of the world will let Americans sort out their own internal problems regardless of how nasty said sorting gets. It's unlikely that Latin American nations would sit out the annihilation of the Reconquistas given the massive politico-religious propagandizing that's been going on down there for the last 40+ years, nor could one expect Brits/Canadians/French/other 'enlightened' & 'civilized' Europeans to do so as the Left is wiped out if, that is, they're not also engaged in a contest of similar 'barbarity' against those who'd destroy them. Then there's the ChiComs & the Russians (& their Islamic fascisti allies) who might just use such a conflict to 'tidy up' a few geo-political matters they've wanted to address for quite awhile but haven't been able to due to our opposition.

    Paragraph 11/Absent

    It's interesting to see you make such a statement given the vehement condemnation you/others heaped upon me elsewhere when I brought up what you refer to as bouncing from the gene pool/paying the butcher's bill actually entails. Had an epiphany, or do you/they still believe that such a thing as the reclaiming of the U.S. can be done by Arthurian chivalry & the Marquis of Queensbury rules?

    Cassandra (of Troy)

  15. 2 other similarly 'heretical' books that're worth a look & available from Amazon:

    The Culture of Critique by Kevin MacDonald

    The Opium of the Intellectuals by Raymond Aron

    Cassandra (of Troy)