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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

GoV: The Europeanization Of America - Center For American Progress To Fight ‘Islamophobia’

From Gates of Vienna:

Whenever I post about Islamization, cultural enrichment, and the suppression of free speech in Europe, commenters are likely to remark on the difference between Europe and the United States.

“Europe is lost,” they say (a particular favorite on my posts at Big Peace).

Or: “We’re lucky things aren’t this bad in the USA.”

Or: “Wake up, America! We don’t want to be like Europe.”

Well, think again, fellows: we already are like Europe. You’re late to the game — it’s already underway here.

Five years ago I said we were roughly a decade behind Europe, and we were. But then we elected Barack Hussein Obama as our Dhimmi-in-Chief, and after that we caught up very quickly. We’ve all but closed the gap between United Socialist America and the EUSSR, and Mr. Obama is working very hard to finish the job, and maybe even pull ahead of the EUniks...

Read the rest.

And what meaningful opposition is there?

Be honest.

And yes - the Center For American Progress is the group that sponsored this speech by the former cigar-wielder-in-chief.

You may remember it.


Blogger Sean said...

There is meaningful opposition to this insanity, right where I am sitting. If G*d favors me, and gives me the grace, Moslems here and everywhere else are going to curse the day I was born. Believe it.

April 26, 2011 at 4:25 PM  

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