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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Magnetic Storms of Civil War

The title is from Malone Vandam's latest entry, who notes that

...Relieved of any responsibility to defend George Bush against the Left’s relentless attack and no doubt grateful, in many respects, not to have the burden of defending John McCain, the common sense small-”r” republicans understand that they are in a range war for the survival of the private individual American against a collectivist push unlike anything they’ve seen in their lifetimes, at least in this country.

I hesitate to say this, and perhaps I shouldn’t, but if the mainstream media is having conniptions about a few people showing up bearing arms at some of these town hall rallies, what are they going to think when ten thousand people show up bearing arms?

Segue to this post from earlier today by Karl Denninger; key grafs are below:

...[Last year], when the game of musical chairs ended and all this debt that could not possibly be paid off started to default these very same banksters went to Congress through Paulson and Bernanke, the chiefs of the bankster scam parade, and in my opinion literally committed economic terrorism:

Hand over $2 trillion dollars hiding all but $700 billion, or we detonate the entirety of the economy and everyone literally starves.

How does this differ from an old-fashioned Al-Quaida terrorist who calls in a nuclear bomb threat? "Hand over $2 trillion dollars or New York City will be vaporized."

Hmmmmm... sounds kinda like the same thing to me!

Now let's juxtapose this with the fact that every Congressperson took an oath to defend The Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

So riddle me this, my fellow Americans:

How is it that Bernanke, Paulson, Geithner, and both Presidents Bush and Obama are still free men instead of being housed at GITMO? How is it that on that fateful night in September of 2008 when Bernanke and Paulson "briefed" Congress and demanded $700 billion in ransom and a blank check to back-door an unlimited amount in "guarantees" and "pass-throughs" to their banking buddies the Sergeant At Arms was not immediately called to place these goons under arrest pending indictment and prosecution?

The next question is equally obvious and leads one down some pretty disturbing paths:

If there is NOT ONE man or woman Congress who will discharge THEIR oath of office, is there anyone left in this country who took an identical oath that will?


...The banksters not only ripped everyone off and got bailed out after doing it by threatening to blow up the economic world BUT THEY ARE STILL RIPPING EVERYONE OFF TODAY and using a small piece of the grift to continue to buy Congress at the same time!

Not a damn thing has changed, except that we are lurching closer and closer to the cliff of national insolvency and both economic and political failure as a nation. The inability to fund the operating expenses of our government is quite possible. Social Security and Medicare have gone into deficit years earlier than expected and these programs have no money - they have only "IOUs" and to turn them back into money Treasury will have to sell more bonds.

But who will buy them? The Chinese? Why? Bernanke is lying about monetizing the debt - in fact he lied under oath - but the currency markets are not fooled.

The dollar is in the toilet and threatening to break all support levels. If it does, it may collapse to as low as 40, which will in turn rocket oil north to $300 or more and gasoline to $10!

If that happens, it is too late to stop it and too late to reverse course. What we now know as a middle class will be reduced to sheer destitution - literal destitution.

What are the odds that, under this scenario, some of the billions of rounds of ammunition that have been purchased and stockpiled by Americans who have gotten rather "uneasy" over where our nation is going find their way into unlawful use?

Rather high, I wager.

After all, the banksters may have bought Congress and the White House but they don't own the guns, and a desperate, hungry man is a dangerous man, especially when he was formerly a middle-class American with a good job who had his future, and that of his wife and children, ruined as a direct consequence of the lawless, conniving acts of a handful of "elites" who ripped him off twice - first with his "OptionARM" that gnawed his arm off and then again by going to Washington, extorting more than $12 trillion in bailouts, handouts and guarantees with which they paid themselves bonuses instead of clearing their balance sheets...

Read both links in full. Then factor in Mike's observations on how a failing, incompetent leader will often take steps which make things even worse.

Then get back to storm preparations.

Tempus fugit.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Pete,
A word in need of slight repair: Sargeant should be Sergeant.

I apologize for my obsessive compulsive proof reading.

Thanks for all you do.

August 25, 2009 at 2:40 PM  
Blogger PD Quig said...

What, everybody afraid of being reported to snitch@whitehouse.orwell? It would be fun to see the Powerz begin to worry about the Massz.

August 25, 2009 at 5:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a well written piece...thanks for posting it.

The rhetorical question of: (Why are they not imprisoned?) Those who have the power to do so have also been corrupted and bought off.

There is no good way for this to end at all. We have failed as nation to contain the cancer. Radical limb removing surgery or slow death is the outcome. Like I said, there is no good ending .

August 25, 2009 at 7:53 PM  

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