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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Food for Thought

First, check out The On Line Freedom Academy, as found on Kent McManigal's site. Take the time to review the material there, please, while passing it to other folks who can benefit.

Next, from a comment by Billy Beck at this post on Balko's place, some essential reading:

*** “Ayn Rand: The Russian Radical”, 1995, by Chris Matthew Sciabarra. Please attend chapter 11: “Relations Of Power”.

*** “Eichmann In Jerusalem: A Report On The Banality Of Evil”, 1963, by Hannah Arendt.

The subject here is what Rand called “the sanction of the victim”.

SJE — “Some cops are all about destroying a person’s personhood. Lets see how tough they are clearing IEDs.”

From Solzhenitsyn: “Until they were arrested and imprisoned in the Lubyanka, they hadn’t the slightest idea what a real prison was nor what the jaws of unjust interrogation were like. (There is no basis for assuming that if Trotsky had fallen into those jaws, he would have conducted himself with any less self-abasement, or that his resistence would have proved stronger than theirs. He had no occasion to prove it. He, too, had known only easy imprisonment, no serious interrogations, and a mere two years of exile in Ust-Kut. The terror Trotsky inspired as Chairman of the Revolutionary Military Council was something he acquired very cheaply, and does not at all demonstrate any true strength or courage. Those who have condemned many others to be shot often wilt at the prospect of their own death. The two kinds of toughness are not connected.)”

(“The Gulag Archipelago”, Volume One, Part I (”The Prison Industry”), chapter 10 (”The Law Matures”), p. 410)

When the monster Yezhov’s time came in Varsonofyevsky Lane, he had to be dragged by both hands down the sloping floor, weeping like a little girl. This is what I would expect from your average cop, now, even if they weren’t in line for nine grams.

Lastly, for now, put together a duplicate light "go-bag", including gloves, sunglasses, mask, floppy hat, duct tape, toiletries, pistol/holster/ammunition, change of clothes/socks, broken-in shoes, a non-descript wind/rain coat, $200 in cash, aspirin or other headache tabs, belt knife, small flashlight plus batteries, micro AM/FM radio plus batteries, and some granola/protein bars.

Tomorrow, leave the bag with someone that is not closely associated with you, but whom you trust.

You're gonna need it.

Tempus fugit.


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