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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Vanderboegh: Rock 'Em

Folks considering what actions to take during the current political interregnum should consider the points raised by Mike in this essay, which was originally posted at David's place during the illegal alien amnesty fiasco.

Professor Reynolds of Instapundit refers to such activities as "out-of-doors political activity", noting that expressive behavior targeting property can help to "keep in awe those who are in power."

The important points are these:

1) Doing the same thing as has been done before will likely produce the same result.

2) The political class has at least a year where they do not have to worry about voter reactions.

3) If you won't pick up a rock today or tomorrow, you aren't likely to pick up a rifle or pistol as the skies darken further.

4) Breaking rules gets much easier with practice.

5) Wear gloves.


UPDATED 11/30/08 1355 EST: Mike weighs in with an update:


My friend Pete over at Western Rifle Shooters Association has relinked one of my old pieces on Sons of Liberty tactics and their applicability to the period in which we find ourselves. You may find the link and his comments here:


My thanks to Pete for reminder, and for his on-point discussion. If I may, I'd like to add one thing at this particular moment.

It is important -- no, it is VITAL -- that we only react to the actual moves of this administration and not jump at phantoms. Rumors and provocations of language or perceived intent should not be met with rocks or bullets. Recall the "No-Fort-Sumters" rule. When we break windows, as with anything else, it must be focused and in direct reaction to a specific outrage.

It is well within possibility that BHO will be playing this with Gramscian gradualism and conventional politics -- which means that he will not make a direct grab for power because he fears a conventional 1994 reaction.

If, however, you see an attempt to pack the Senate by bringing in DC and Puerto Rico as states, or to grant amnesty to illegals so that millions of new reliable voters will be available to sustain them at the next election in two years, then we will know that they have decided to seize power, rather than play the conventional political game.

The serious introduction of citizen disarmament legislation (or its defacto imposition by rulemaking or other bureaucratic legerdemain), or packing the Senate, or giving amnesty to illegals are all legitimate tripwires. In the meantime, let us stack up our rocks, do our homework, and await events. Oh, and don't forget all your other preparations just in case this thing accidentally skips a DEFCON or two overnight because some damn fool gun agency bureaucrat decides to polish his apple by getting a bunch of gang members and saunter down to Sipsey Street to take down a mouthy old dying man just to shut him up.


Blogger j said...

These thoughts are all well expressed and the points well made. Indeed, we must watch carefully, not 'jumping the gun' so to speak, but awaiting that tripwire moment to which the honored Mr. V refers. And an acquaintance from southern Georgia mentioned the other day that some of those shadowy three per centers out there might, hypothetically, already be considering which 'windows' they might target in a serious SHTF mode.
Windows come in all shapes, sizes and locations, at least, that is what my friends in the glass industry tell me. Me, I don't really know about these things, being just a simple owl farmer myself.

November 30, 2008 at 7:44 PM  

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