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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Rivrdog: Attention, All Hands...

Rivrdog lays out the big picture, and it ain't pretty:

...Since we've formed ourselves into technologically-elaborate societies linked by a monetary-exchange system, the collapse of that linking system collapses the linking of those societies, and each of them has to stand or fall on it's own merits, and not receive or give assistance from the other societies. This is already being demonstrated in Africa, which societies there show little sign of being able to survive and thrive at their present population level despite technology. Outside influence, mostly European, constantly tries to deny the Malthusian population-reduction factors at work, but the Europeans are playing a losing game. True famine has set in to savage the societies there, with crop blights and failures, and war takes another huge toll on the populations, which do their best to procreate and replace the lost population, but now a disease (HIV-AIDS) takes it's major toll even during those procreation efforts. The Africans are doomed to revert to a much smaller population, according to Malthus, and also according to my daily news ticker.

There's a lesson there for us, because Malthus' recognitions of the forces at work against us are hardly put in abeyance by our superior technology, they are only delayed, and the reversion curve thereby made steeper.

Revert we will. My "Malthusian" guess is that before we have finished following the reversion (population reduction) curve, we will be down to 100 million survivors, a more sustainable number for our resources.

OK, enough theory and prediction, how are YOU and I going to maximize our chances of seeing that we and those we hold dear are NOT the two out of three who will not survive the ET? The numbers are against us for starters, so we have to have an "edge" to improve those numbers.

Our "edge" will be preparation. We will do all in our power and within our capability to be prepared for the ET. Those who are NOT prepared will not survive the second year. Maybe the first, but not the second...

Read the rest, as well as future posts from Rivrdog, and always remember the Team Reorg motto/objective:

"Survive the first die-off."

Tempus fugit.


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