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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Desperate People Do Desperate Things

Pat reminds us that there may well be another motive (behind the control-freak apparent motive) for the growing paramilitary influence in domestic affairs. This article from the UK is a decent starting place for people thinking about the societal impacts of $130+/barrel crude oil.

Key grafs:

... The politicians already know of peak oil – at least, they have been told. Whether they believe it or not is another matter. Colin Campbell made a presentation to a House of Commons All-Party Committee on 7th July. 1999. Unfortunately so did the oil companies and government actions since then suggest that the danger was not recognised.

That does not mean though that we should stop telling them. At some point, everyone will be forced to recognise peak oil. If you have never been told of the problem, you probably won't see it until the television news comes on after a four-hour-long power cut and informs you that the world is facing a crisis. If you have already heard about it but don't believe it, a bell might go off in your head when you hear that world oil production has fallen for the fifth year in a row. It is important therefore to keep badgering politicians, religious leaders, media heads, etc, even if they initially ridicule your pleas.

Be cautious with your initial statements. Terms such as "the end of civilisation" can mean instant rejection as a fanatical doomsayer. Convince them of the problem first, then introduce the consequences. Technical terms such as "proved reserves" and "The Hubbert Curve" can be useful with some to show that you have done your research and are not just responding to a casual suggestion. Above all, give them something to follow up – a link to a website with more information, such as this one or those on the Further Information page...

Read the whole thing, and also check out this presentation by oil expert Matthew Simmons, delivered in mid-April.

Me? I'm taking this stuff as seriously as anything I have read.


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