Monday, May 16, 2011

Barnhardt: Banned In Boston, In Three Parts

Vanderleun cites to Barnhardt, with links to her speech as planned for delivery in Boston.

Watch them all (part I above, parts II and III below).


  1. Boy, YouTube sure wasn't friendly to Ms. Barnhardt in this round of thumbnails!

  2. @Mark Matis
    No kidding, huh? Although I do make it challenging to get a good freeze-frame, but man, these are just . . . choice. The good news is, at least I know what my Lakota Sioux name would be . . .

    Ann "Crazy Eyes" Barnhardt

  3. At the risk of browning the heck out of my nose...You rock Ms Barnhardt.

    Thank you for posting the vids this morning. It has been rattling around in my mind all day.

    Hearing them elicited a couple eureka moments as you formed and articulate what I couldn't quite manage regarding the revelation of the Jewish people as proxies for our Lord and Savior's relationship to each of us and the whole of mankind in turn.

    God, marriage, family, tribe, nation, mankind, God


  4. I will pray for you, Ann. You have become the canary in the coal mine. Godspeed.

  5. By the way, Ms. Barnhardt, I do apologize for not posting MY "Burn a Koran" video, but I once I started it I realized I am even less photogenic than I could have believed, and I also don't do well without the services of a teleprompter.

  6. Perfect. Especially with regards to how Christians should regard the Jews. Perfect!

  7. Tactical Objective #1: There's gonna be a fight. Let's win.

    Prepare to win.

    Walk until you can run a little way and walk some more, repeat until it's "warm-up and run-run-run" then add some tactical weight. Take good care of your feet. Repeat.

    Good followers are good leaders, interchangeably as needed. Read the classics and find a mentor on this subject.

    Meet and greet others who want to win.

    Get what you need to win. Polish the feed ramps, sharpen the edges, recharge and test the batteries, practice deployment.

    Get what your squad needs, even before you meet them. It'll never be cheaper or more available. Search "lists" on this site or survivalblog, "praxis" on Sipsey Street Irregulars for suggestions.

    Success is available at a far lower level of intellectual precision than Mrs. Barnhardt is showing. The path through deep snow is much easier for those close behind, so we'll take turns being in front.


  8. Folks... If you've never read any of the Talmud and you are a fellow Goy, then you are in for an awakening on the relationship between a Christian and a non- believer in Christ the Savior.
    Nuff said