Friday, January 14, 2011

Venlet: “Effects of the Tyranny of the Majority upon the National Character of the Americans”

Go and read it all.

Then consider the likelihood of a real fix, at least prior to the Collapse.

NB: Online version of Democracy In America added to the "Political Resources" list on the left side of the WRSA margin.

Thanks, John.


  1. You can get Democracy in America for free at:

    This and many other ebooks are free for download on the ipad via ibooks.

    Passages can be cut and pasted for quoting in blogs. :-)

  2. CA,

    Thank you for the many resources and posts you share with your readers chronicling the dangers America faces.

    Would that the "agitation of mind," referred to by de Tocqueville, will be reflected back upon our nation in a positive way.