Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Palate Cleanser

Those of you who were neither reached, taught, or inspired by the Oathtaker-in-Chief this evening (h/t to Defender for this transcript link) might want to read this piece by Larken Rose.

The fundamental concept is "individual freedom".

And it will never come from government.



  1. Mr. Rose has it right. We LOAN them our power. Like any lender, we need to stop subsidizing a bad-risk borrower.

  2. Translated From Russian: Obama: Do Not Let Us Quarrel

  3. I don't like O nor do I like his ideas or his what he represents. The speech was quite good though. Alas, he is a smooth talking pol...that is what he does. Talk is cheap.

    By contrast, I thought that Larken Rose's words were callous and small minded.

    Yes, I understand the attitude of the political class. Their elitism, the do as I say not as I do mindset, their condescension to mere mundanes, their sense of entitlement and lofty platitudes all leave me cold. But to combat a silver tongued devil like O we need more than a bitter harangue from a petty individual with no sense of empathy.


  4. I was rearranging my sock drawer, so missed the speech by Barry. I'm afraid I'm unlikely to read the transcript either.

    We in the south are moving to lessen, perhaps even prevent, the effects of the US government's increased acts of tyranny. While we're not strong enough to remove the military installations here (for example), we will be.

    More importantly, we'll be able to neutralize all US government police thugs, we're almost there now.

  5. What a crock of shit!

    Now I have the immediate urge to go and take a really good shower.


  6. This guy felt it necessary to introduce himself not as Carlos Gonzales, spiritual apprentice to elders of the Yaqui tribe, but as a descendant of refugees from Me-he-co and survivors of the Indian genocide, a boy from the barrio who became a teacher at the university he attended, and "not a medicine man, just a family doctor." Was he trying to be funny?
    He didn't come out and ask for reparations, but he definitely wanted to ping America's conscience. Outrageously inappropriate.
    To us Indians, "medicine" means spiritual power, OK? Hell, man, I've read the books. I can do a smudging ceremony. More good publicity for el socialismo, and an affront to the Christian and Jewish victims.
    To vast cheering and applause.

  7. How did Obama get into AZ without showing proff of citizenship?!

    AZ is bowing to the pressure.