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Thursday, October 15, 2009

LAST CALL: 'Operation Can You Hear Us Now?' Nationwide Protests This Saturday

With the discovery of this press release showing coordinated action in support of "public service volunteers" amongst major media outlets, Operation Can You Hear Us Now has even more to shout about at the 125 separate protests planned across the country for this Saturday, October 17th.

Updated background, rendezvous, and contact information for all protests is here; please pass the word.

ATL Threeper attendees should rally on the III flags; Vanderboegh and many of our other brothers and sisters from Alabama and across the South are coming via caravan to join us.


The advertisers are the primary target. Money is the absolute lifeblood of every news organization, so if we can shake the advertisers at CNNABCMSNBCCBSNBCFOX, we will be standing on the throats of the propagandists.

Every Hear Us Now participant needs to follow up with at least 5 major advertisers for the various news programs announcing personal boycotts of each advertiser's products, based on their financial support of the corrupt mainstream media.


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