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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

III Patch Update: Woodland's Back, But Desert Is Going Away

The Woodland "III" patches are in, ahead of schedule!! All orders received as of today, 13 Oct 09, have been fulfilled.

We still have a limited number of Desert "III" patches in, so those who want them better get them soon; they won't be re-ordered.

Please send $4 per patch (post paid) to:

Raven's Wood Enterprises, LLC
PO Box 962
Birmingham, MI 48012

USPS Money Orders, Certified & Cashier's checks process upon receipt; all other instruments cause the order to be held until it clears the bank.

Cash is accepted, reluctantly, because of the risk. Raven's Wood Enterprises, LLC takes no responsibility for any order sent in cash; all risk is inherent with the sender.

Thanks for your patronage!



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